Digital transformation within SMEs: the first steps

How can you communicate with your constituency as efficiently as possible? You want to redesign your services and make them more efficient, in other words: you want to transform your services and operations digitally. How does this land within your existing IT environment?

To help you take the first steps towards digital transformation, we explain in this blog how important it is to map the current IT infrastructure before taking the next steps in IT. And what is that, an IT infrastructure? Don't worry that it will be too technical, because we use a lot of examples to make it tangible and understandable. Ready for the transformation?

The web of facilities called IT infrastructure

‘IT infrastructure’ sounds very complicated, but it actually comprises the digital ecosystem that makes it possible to use a software application. Everything that has to do with running a particular application is part of the IT infrastructure, such as computer servers, for example. This background knowledge is important when you want to organise or improve your IT environment.

Does it still sound a bit abracadabra? Then let's go over some examples.
Well-known examples of software applications are Facebook and Instagram. Another example is a ticket shop for an amusement park. The visitor buys a ticket online in advance, after which the ticket is scanned at the amusement park and the gates are opened. This is all made possible by the IT infrastructure. Or think of the app for De Slimste Mens that we have built, where you as a viewer can play along with the TV show.

Taking steps towards digital transformation

It is important to realise that a good digital transformation starts with a good inventory. We take migration to the cloud as an example. Is it even possible to migrate what you have right now to a modern cloud solution? Do certain things need to happen to make that possible? Can it even be done with your current package? Take a good look at what you have now, who you are and where you want to grow.

The cloud is incredibly large and has many possibilities, which are often left unused. It is therefore important to find a party that is aware of the possibilities and techniques and that looks for the best solution for your organisation. There are many more possibilities than just transferring your existing servers to the cloud. So find a good party that really shows you the way, mapping out your current infrastructure and adapting your applications to what the cloud has to offer. This way, you can achieve the desired result much faster and work as maintenance-free as possible.

At Elastique we go one step further. We think it's important to get to the bottom of the company first, because we want to be sure that any solutions are in line with your wishes and needs. For example, what does your server management currently look like and what is your vision? What do you have now and where do you want to go in the future? In connecting this to your company, we take all possibilities into account and look closely at what is and what isn't possible. This way, you ensure that you don't start thoughtlessly inventing all kinds of new digital products, but that you digitally transform your business model in a well-founded way.

The role of the cloud in this story

Of course, the example of a migration to the cloud was not chosen arbitrarily. The cloud plays a role in many digital transformations. In our next blog, we will further explain how you can set up your IT environment by working in the cloud. Among other things, we will discuss how server management was done in the traditional way and what benefits working in the cloud can offer you.

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