Four months of work saved thanks to digital transformation

The global representative organisation for professional footballers, known as FIFPRO, together with 60 national football associations, represents the interests of more than 60,000 professional football players around the world. Until 2019, communication and collaboration with these associations was far from digital and, therefore, often involved long, drawn out processes. For this reason, FIFPRO started a digital transformation in 2019, together with digital partner Elastique.


A safe and future-proof member platform

That was the goal for developing a new member platform, to make communication between FIFPRO and the associations more efficient. In addition, the public website also had to be optimised during this digital transformation. This new website improves FIFPRO’s ability to achieve its primary goal: promoting the interests of football players on and off the pitch and after their professional career. In order to provide users with a unified user experience, we also developed a Digital Design System: a brandbook 2.0 for digital outlets, which contains the most important components for design and development.

As part of our digital transformation, we will be taking even more steps in the coming years to optimise contact with the various local football unions.
Britta Sluis, General Manager FIFPRO


4 months work savings

At the end of 2019, FIFPRO and its members started using the first version of the platform. This digital transformation immediately saved a significant amount of time. The global survey, for example, has already saved the analysts four months.

The partnership with Elastique has been very pleasant and professional. The platform developed by Elastique and the new website were received with great enthusiasm at our annual general assembly in Sydney.
Britta Sluis, General Manager FIFPRO

In 2020 we will continue to develop the platform, so that all members can create and share content together. The players council will also have its own environment in which football-related matters, such as health, finances and career advice, will be central.