A fully-fledged and modern ticketing system

Ticketcounter is the partner for the sale of (digital) tickets and all things related. They do this not only for the venues, but also for major resellers such as retail, newspapers and holiday parks. The challenge for Ticketcounter is the pluralism of the ticketing market. The old platform, WheretoCard, had not been able to meet demands anymore since 2015, so there was need for a new platform. This newly acquired platform was, however, both ready to go but also still in its infancy. That is why Tictketcounter turned to Elastique with the question if we could transform the new platform into a fully-fledged and modern ticketing system.


state-of-the-art modules & intelligent links

As digital partner, Elastique provided Ticketcounter’s new system with state-of-the-art modules for, for example:

  • Subscriptions
  • Time slots & capacity planning
  • Resellers
  • Group tickets, combination tickets, school trips & children’s parties
  • Multi-ride tickets
  • Reports
  • Dynamic prices

We also arranged for the right links with various access control and cash register systems, report tools and third-party ticket systems.

The result

one of the most solid & comprehensive ticketing systems in the market

At the moment, the Ticketcounter ticketing system is one of the most solid and comprehensive in the market. Partners and clients stand to benefit from the versatility of solutions and links.

With the most recent addition of on-site cash registers, self-service booths and its own access-control system with laser scanners and turnstiles, Ticketcounter now covers all aspects of ticketing.

Although the old WheretoCard system has long since been phased out and disbanded, the collaboration between Ticketcounter and Elastique definitely has not. There are always new challenges in the ticketing market for which Ticketcounter can always use the support of a reliable digital partner and where we are more than happy to look into.


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